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At Tetri Design dyers will find their plant dyes, mordant and yarns.  Our range of felting supplies includes carded merino wool batts and rowings, needle felt, felting needles and silk fabrics. To spinners we offer different fibers such as alpaca, hemp, bamboo and mohair and different organic fabrics.  

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A book for friends of natural dyes and a felting handbook.  

Dyeing with mushrooms

 Natural dyes

Tetri Design has been in business since 2003 and has a web shop specialising in natural materials and craft courses.

Behind Tetri Design is Anna-Karoliina Tetri, a professional craftsperson and author, to whom natural materials are not only a business, but a way of life. "In my youth I came across wool in many places, even in the forest, when the scouts were felting mice at orienteering control points. I worked with wool during my studies - with everything from fine wool combined with silk in Japan to sturdy fabrics for the medieval markets. Wool has been my companion for over ten years." In Anna-Karoliina's hands the natural woll dyes beautifully with natural dyes:" To me handcrafts and natural dyes are a profession. I use the most environmentally friendly methods possible during the dyeing processes while still keeping in mind light- and colourfastness. I also want to share this old handcraft and new research information on the topic with my customers."